ALPINO- Giovani sciatori in gara nel ricordo di Rok Petrovič

3-2-2005. Si disputa domenica 6 febbraio a Kranjska Gora una gara internazionale dedicata alla memoria di Rok Petrovič, il grande sciatore sloveno tragicamente scomparso il 16 settembre 1993 a soli 27 anni.

Proponiamo il programma originale inviato dagli organizzatori dello Sc Novinar

Unfortunatelly deceased Rok Petrovič, a member of our ski-club throughout, was a worldwide known skier. Not only because of his exceptional results during his contestant career – we remember him also for his character: he was a sportsman who has never been addicted to the results so much as to become spoiled by them. For all who knew him better he was – and he will always be – simply Rok.

He has remained in such a memory also for the members of the Ski Club NOVINAR, since he has been with us from his first “skiing steps” onwards. He has been especially popular among the youngest skiers and he has always found time for answering their questions and giving the advise.

In the beginning of 1995 we decided to show our respect and gratitude to Rok Petrovič by organizing an international contest in giant slalom, which should become traditional meeting and competition of the youngest skiers. After the agreement of his parents we named the contest “Cup of Rok Petrovič” – or simply “Rok’s Cup”.

On Sunday, February 6th 2005, 11th Rok’s Cup competition will take place and we do hope to greet also your young skiers and their trainers.

The competition conditions are as follows:

1. The contest will take place at Kranjska Gora (the ski field Podles).

2. The start of the giant slalom will be at 11.00 a.m. on Sunday, February 6th, 2005.

3. Young girls and boys born in 1994, 1995 and 1996 can enter the contest.

4. The contest is international.

5. Exact entries by names* should be sent by February 4th, 2005 till 6.00 p.m. to the address of SC Novinar, SI-1109 Ljubljana, Staničeva 41, SLOVENIA or by fax (+386 1) 434 70 12.

6. A meeting of team representatives and drawing of start numbers will take place at the club’s office, Ljubljana, Staničeva 41, on February 4th, 2005 at 6.00 p.m.

7. The start numbers can be taken over after drawing lots or one hour before the beginning of the race at the finish-post.

8. The start-fee for each contestant is SIT 3.000 (approx. 13 EUR) and it should be paid for every contestant before taking over the start numbers.

9. The contestants should be medically examined and they compete on their own responsibility.

10. The results and disqualifications will be displayed at the finish-post.

11. Complaints on the eventual disqualification should be made 15 minutes after the announcement of the preliminary results to the contest leader against the security of SIT 20.000 (approx. 83 EUR). In case of the justification of the complaint, the money will be refunded.

12. The first three girls and boys will win cups and the first ten contestants a certificate. Furthermore, winners will be permanently inscribed on the transitional cups, which are the cups out of the Rok’s collection of awards, donated to the club by his parents.

Looking forward to hearing from you – and hoping to receive your soon entry for the contest (deadline is February 4th, 2005) – we are sending our sport regards,

Marko Bokal

SC Novinar

* Every foreign team must rank the contestants in advance, according to their previous success.
The entries for the drawing of start numbers for the first four groups will be formed by the organizer: 5 competitors from each of three Slovene regions (Central, Eastern, Western) and 1 competitor from every foreign club, and 1 on behalf of the organizer will be included in each of these groups. The fifth group will be formed by remaining contestants.